#1 Audacity von neomix21 12.09.2009 23:23


AUDACITY is a free and powerful tool for audio editing.

What makes this tool beter than all the other programs ?

Where can I get it ?

#2 RE: Audacity von MikeLJ 13.09.2009 20:31


I already have it

#3 RE: Audacity von ImarCab 24.10.2009 11:28


If you wanna sounds you con find a lot with the page findsounds.com to edit them like you want with audicity.

#4 RE: Audacity von gos 26.10.2009 21:53

for voice acting i use the sony vegas.

and the soundforge for fixing.

i got it for free

#5 RE: Audacity von neomix21 27.10.2009 14:39


I really love sony vegas, not too difficult but really powerful
But for FX I prefer Adobe After effects

#6 RE: Audacity von Coldkick 14.12.2010 02:50

My uncle is in audio production and he uses ProTools, a little overboard for us though I think. It is the best in class though.

#7 RE: Audacity von neomix21 17.12.2010 00:16


For voice editing or voice correction I use Melodyne.
Really awesome piece of software

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