#1 Vitality Consumption with the Sand Making Machine von sandcrusher 22.06.2018 08:33

Nowadays,along together with the mineral sources exploitation, ferrous metallurgy, nonferrous metallurgy, gentle sector, chemical industry and mineral resources turn out to be progressively depleted, extraction also are going to be a considerable boost in the amount of resources made use of while in the building products, bridge, highway, dam but in addition the immediate raise. The main method makes the material processing - crushing functions is particularly important. In line with incomplete data, the ability usage on the crushing operations accounted for additional than 50 % in the complete electrical power use on the concentrator. The national once-a-year electricity consumption in crushing functions is in the 2 × 10 ^ 9kw.above. Therefore, the design and manufacture of electricity saving, efficient Sand Making Machine which can reduce the strength use on the Sand Making Machine product, is of great practical significance.

Initial of all, the macroscopic mechanical response is that while using the increasing load, a variety of micro-cracks, micro-pore has continuous development, and thus forms a macroscopic crack, and eventually the fracture leads to substance broken. Different during the crushing approach, the evolution of a large number of micro-defects in components with a certain degree of randomness and statistical differences within the evolution eventually will lead on the macroscopic mechanical response of materials, such as uneven local deformation, failure mode and undermine the morphological differences, and so on. The fabric deformation destruction from the complexity of the phenomenon illustrates that the evolution from the content in the internal variety of micro-defects around the macroscopic mechanical response of elements has great influence. The evolution of this micro-defect will inevitably consume some with the strength to form a new surface, resulting inside the substance deformation and failure method of electricity dissipation.

Materials inside the crushing system will produce the acoustic emission, it is essentially a flexible part on the conversion to elastic vibration electricity, resulting in the propagation of sound waves inside the product stored within just the material. This transformation is closely related for the defect evolution inside the materials, especially accompanied by the generation of new defects will inevitably bring with regard to the release of elastic electrical power, leading to the emergence of sound waves. Due to damping inside the material, what the sound wave is propagation inside the material will inevitably occur decay, resulting in some on the electrical power dissipated by heat or other forms. Thus, although the nature of acoustic emission is an electrical power conversion, because of the characteristics on the material internal organizational structure, this transformation will likely cause the dissipation of electrical power, which is part from the elastic vibration resistance from the supplies use dissipated.

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