#1 Computer won't play music or video, need help. von FrankHam 01.06.2018 16:35


My computer will not play any kind of media. Videos will not work at all, but it is not just a connection issue. I tried playing videos on Windows Media Player I have, completely offline, but they wouldn't work either. Music from WMP does not play either. Initially, I thought it was an issue with chrome, so I cleared my browsing data and cache and restarted my computer. I tried again but this time it worked after a delay of a few minutes, however, the problem came up again 10 minutes later. I do not know what to do, as for once, google does not have the answers. I scanned my computer and found no harmful software. The only thing that changed in between when it was working and when it stopped working was I downloaded drivers for my Logitech headset as well as the Logitech software?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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#2 RE: Computer won't play music or video, need help. von annamartin 13.12.2018 06:42

Check if your speaker wires are connected to the best possible ports. On the off chance that you are uncertain, it won't hurt to attempt distinctive setups. (On the off chance that you hear sound from different gadgets, for example, playing a CD or the "Microsoft Sound" when beginning up or closing down, at that point, the speakers are wired effectively.) https://www.essaytigers.co.uk/write-my-essay

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