#1 PDF Converter Windows 2008 x64? von MichaelSmith 15.05.2018 13:52


I am evaluating the Amyuni PDF Converter in order to use it in our software developped in Powerbuilder 11.2.
On a french Windows 2008 Server (access with Remote Desktop), I cannot print on the PDF Converter printer, if I am logged as a simple user.
If I log as Administrator, I can print with no problem.
Licensing is OK (I don't get the "Printer not activated error"), but my print() function always returns an error.
NB. I have already posted this case in the PowerBuilder community forum, but I got no answer. I am not sure it's a powerbuilder error, so I post here.
I desperatly need an alternative to the buggy sourceforge PDF Creator we are using today, but I am afraid that Amyuni PDF converter is not the solution, since I am stuck with this problem.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you

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