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I'm a german guy studying business administration an engineering, so nothing really usefull for you but I like the idea of creating a game in a group. And, of course ... I love Toonstruck 1.

Alter: 26
Interessen/Talente: international marketing, business administration, selling things etc.
Wie bist du auf dieses Forum gestoßen?: wikipedia tells something about a part 2 and I didn't know that, so I looked for it... so...
Warum möchtest du mitmachen?: I like the idea of this project which wants to create a game for free as a hobby ...
Was kannst du für das Projekt tun?: a bit french (foreigner?), english (BEC vantage) so... enough to translate it into german. If you need a speaker for free, of course I'd do that too. Just tell me if you need someone
Freiwillige Angaben:
For further informations do not hesitate to contact me.

I'm studying, so I have not much time until June 2012 (then my exams are finished), but I'm going to do my best, to support you. So if you need someone, just tell me.

#2 RE: Hey von unterbuchse 16.12.2011 16:36


Wonderful all we need is support. So I just need some people to rely on. When the time has come, i wil contact you
welcome in the team

#3 RE: Hey von Wolle85 16.12.2011 18:22

ok I'll be there see ya

#4 RE: Hey von Neo 17.12.2011 13:13


Welcome to the team Wolle85

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Welcome =)

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