#1 Demoversion von Cyrus 19.05.2011 17:21

Perhaps it would be convenient to create one or two backgrounds and throw together a small demoversion of one of the game's scenes (in Flash, AGS, Wintermute or some other existing engine)? I think the full game should be done in our own engine, but if we have nothing to show for a long time, we may be forgotten (the mention of our project has already been deleted from Wikipedia).

#2 RE: Demoversion von neomix21 19.05.2011 18:11


Well, how should I put it...
We have no content...

#3 RE: Demoversion von unterbuchse 19.05.2011 18:12


i know that we will be forgotten if we cannot show progress but i would rather not show progress for a year , then just show some cheap work in progress (not even in our own engine) created material. there will be material when its done.

-> working on the engine <-

#4 RE: Demoversion von caedes 23.05.2011 18:18


actually some work in progress showing art (background, animations) and two screens or so done in flash and integrated in the homepage would be a great teaser, also for finding team members.
of course the art for these two (or so) screens should be high quality

#5 RE: Demoversion von Cyrus 24.05.2011 09:47

Yes, exactly the same way it was done for Space Quest 7: Vohaul Strikes Back project (their actual engine is AGS). But I agree we should work on the graphic style first.

#6 RE: Demoversion von Fauch 06.06.2011 19:57

sorry for the late answer: i would agree caedes. all important things are said

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