#1 semi - timeout von neomix21 20.01.2011 13:42


Due to some school projects and my Final Exams I won't be that much active till April

Don't forget about me and push this project to the max

#2 RE: semi - timeout von unterbuchse 20.01.2011 16:40


for me too. So for all of you:take yourself some time, go out and relax. perhaps then you will have the ideas we need to finish the story


#3 RE: semi - timeout von neomix21 19.03.2011 00:29


Okay people... Wednesday is the final day... my last 2 exams... then I'll be able to come back into the Toonworld

#4 RE: semi - timeout von neomix21 23.03.2011 23:13


Well, here I am. Back from school. I just finished it

now I have time for this Project

#5 RE: semi - timeout von unterbuchse 23.03.2011 23:48


sounds wonderful. Perhaps you could really help me out. i dont know how much you are into software engineering but, try to think about needed functionalities for an engine. Just a List of features would be good. if you want to do something else its finde just do it

#6 RE: semi - timeout von neomix21 24.03.2011 15:45


I already had a look on the List when you posted it...
I really couldn't think of something else this engine needs...
What else needs to be done

#7 RE: semi - timeout von unterbuchse 24.03.2011 16:59


did you read the script? there are some missing parts. you could try to find something to fill the holes.

#8 RE: semi - timeout von neomix21 25.03.2011 03:22


Okay... I did some Things on my own Project and got you a small present which I stole right from Bric-A-Bracs work bench

Click on it !

I hope this will get things going again

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