#1 Programs von Coldkick 14.12.2010 03:01

For digital design I would use either Corel Painter 11 or Photoshop CS5. Why CS5? The painting tools! They work extremely well and make great effects. I've never used Corel Painter 11 personally but I've heard that it is really good although people have reported design flaws in the software.

On the free end of things I have three programs that work decently. The first is Paint.Net, its an allover good paint program. The next is GIMP. It is more like photoshop as it is for General Image Manipulation but it still has painting effects as well. The final option is a rather obscure program, in fact I would doubt that very many people in the world have ever heard of it. It is Project Dogwaffle. The brushes in it act like real paint and the blending is extremely well done, especially for freeware.

#2 RE: Programs von gos 15.12.2010 15:32

adobe photoshop CS5 will do the job

#3 RE: Programs von neomix21 16.12.2010 18:05


Illustrator for the lineart.
Photoshop for the coloring

#4 RE: Programs von Coldkick 16.12.2010 18:20

Zitat von neomix21
Illustrator for the lineart.
Photoshop for the coloring

Forgot about Illustrator

Flash should probably be used for the cutscenes. It would be a pain to do the cutscenes any other way IMO.

#5 RE: Programs von neomix21 16.12.2010 22:26


Yeah, Flash is really awesome for animating.
But only if you have experience with it.

#6 RE: Programs von Coldkick 18.12.2010 03:17

Man, I just found a great free program. It's like a godsend to anyone who can't afford a paid program.


Take a look for yourself, its really, really, cool.

#7 RE: Programs von gos 18.12.2010 16:43

it is hard to use, and it has messy interface

#8 RE: Programs von WACME 08.01.2011 22:18


Whatever program you use, Vector Magic is a very good software for tracing and vectorising.
I can't remember if it's free or not but there's a free online tool if I remember correctly.

#9 RE: Programs von unterbuchse 09.01.2011 00:09


its not free and its not very good. the output is terrible to work with. it looks ok for amateurs but not if we want to use it any further.

#10 RE: Programs von WACME 09.01.2011 19:54


Fair enough. I've never had any problems with it just using block colours.

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