#1 I would love to help! von Coldkick 12.12.2010 17:19

Age: 16
Interests / Talents: Media Art, Computer Science, Plot Development
How did you hear from the Forum?: I was searching for Toonstruck when I found a petition for TS2 that had a link to the forum.
Why are you interested in this project?: I would love to see the group's interpretation on the the second half of TS. Any way that I can help get it there, I will.
What can you do for our project?: I can do rough sketches for Backgrounds, Plot Development. If I get an Intuos4 pentab for Christmas I might be able to work on final digital copies of backgrounds. I also am an ArchKnight (think of a Moderator for a designated zone) on http://forums2.battleon.com which is a company that produces games like Adventure Quest, Dragonfable, and Mech Quest. So if forum moderation is an issue I am also available for that.
Occupation: I am a forum AK for Artix Entertainment LLC, I run our schools website, and I'm lead graphic designer for a freelance game.
Sex: Male
My work: http://s39.photobucket.com/albums/e197/m...%20Unspecified/
Password is: toonstruck
It's not exactly the style aimed for here, but I can also do the toonish style required.



#2 RE: I would love to help! von unterbuchse 13.12.2010 13:44


I like your style and would love to see your toonish style welcome aboard

#3 RE: I would love to help! von Neo 13.12.2010 16:59


Coldkick Welcome the team

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