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NVIDIA graphics card maker reportedly is preparing the latest variant VGA. Allegedly will be the latest graphics card competitors from AMD to be announced later, the latest product from NVIDIA is still part of the Maxwell architectural cluster. GeForce GTX 980 Ti said it will be developed by the same technology with GTX TITAN X.

Based on our monitoring of SweClockers, GeForce GTX 980 Ti will embed a 28 nm fabrication process chip they name GM200. This chip was previously embedded in NVIDIA's latest graphics card today, GeForce TITAN X. It's still a rumor, so far the embedded specifications are also vague.

This VGA reportedly has 3.072 CUDA core and 6 GB of memory. GeForce GTX TITAN X itself has twice the memory, 12 GB. The installed bandwidth memory is still at 384-bit, considering this computing technology is very high for today's graphics card. NVIDIA also provides hardware vendors the opportunity to modify the cooling system of this product.

GeForce GTX 980 Ti own name is actually still confusing. Many people say that the graphics card will be named after GTX 990. However, if the mirror of the previous variant GeFroce GTX, the creators tend to pin the name of Ti in the highest VGA clump in a class, such as GTX 780 Ti.

Using the Maxwell architecture means that this graphics card will provide powerful features and powerful performance.

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