#1 The unique things about Sifu games von deliaall 26.03.2021 18:43

Announced a few weeks ago as one of the action adventure games that prioritize kung fu elements, Sifu certainly reminded some players who had enjoyed the first PlayStation as a game that was quite “similar” to Jackie Chan's Stuntmaster.

Of course the two are different in terms of approach, but if you look at them in broad terms, they can be said to be quite similar.

Unfortunately, since the announcement, the Sloclap developer has not provided further details about Sifu. The good news is, today the CEO and co-founder of the studio gave a clear explanation of what the game was like.

Through Gamesradar's Future Games Show, Sloclap CEO and co-founder Pierre Tarno explained that Sifu will have what fans want. Starting from kung fu battles in the style of Chinese martial arts films, stories, to of course boss battles.

Each boss will be represented by five elements and kung fu combinations. Whether wood, fire, water, earth, and metal.

Another interesting thing when the trailer is shown is how your character will age along with the amount of knowledge you master. In other words, the player character will not remain young in terms of appearance even though they have mastered the various kung fu skills, but age because it is only natural that learning something takes a lot of time.

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