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#16 RE: General Information von unterbuchse 09.01.2010 16:34


i got it too and well i don't really think its so useful... but perhaps this is just user error ^^

#17 RE: General Information von Lingsrobin 15.01.2010 15:58


oh well i remember this, i have "Voice Changer 6 Gold", it is very good in my eyes.

@unterbuchse: I agree on the first sign you take but i worked some time already with it and know it can be useful for this kind of projects. Like your voice is *almost* perfect just you want it a little little more feminin you just make it or you want it more harsh or more sharp. And it still can sound "realistic". In my eyes we should use it to make voices even more perfect, even more matching. Like all voices of "char a" we edit the same way, not too extreme but a little more matching, then we can get a very good result, much better then without. And i know from experience that you can even "fake" voices - and they sound still "real"

#18 RE: General Information von unterbuchse 15.01.2010 16:06


ok so i will leave this to the voice and sound artists here

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