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I'm interested in any semi-formal studies on 2D platformers people may know of. Things like level design, the impact of the jump time vs gravity, air control, etc. The only paper I've found is this http://users.soe.ucsc.edu/~gsmith/sandbox_examples/ which deals with the layout of levels and gives some terminology and a few interesting ideas about pacing and structure. Is there a great treasure trove of awesome design knowledge that I've overlooked hiding out somewhere or is it all scattered amongst 1000 blog posts on various dev's blogs?

I don't really want to start a "post all your ideas about 2D platformers" thread unless people think it would be useful to have a single place with (hopefully) a lot of data about the topic. For my own work I've gone and figured out the timings of various games, jump height to screen height ratios and such. That's just one little tiny bit of information about platformers though and I'm sure it could all be formalized a bit better to explain why a certain jump speed or amount of air control is fun when combined with certain types of obstacles. Is this all a hopeless endeavor?

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