#1 Can I cancel default program from opening file during batch file instance? von Donnieclark 08.12.2017 08:30


Had no idea how to phrase the subject.
Trying to script simple Batch file to open a file using a specific program. So for, I have the following:
"My Music\test.pls"
start XMPlayPortable/XMPlayPortable.exe ["XMPlay Portable"]

Works great, only problem is that the playlist file, *.pls, is also simultaneously opened using the Host computers default program itunes. I don't want to change the default program for file-types or anything, just to cancel the default program from running during the batch file instance.

All files involved will be self-contained on a flash drive and directories will be scripted as "relative" (I really hope Im using the right terms) so the batch file will not have to rely on drive letters, that way it can be run from computer to computer.

Ultimately Im trying to create a tutorial package for some friends. But I need it as simple as "double-click this" and everything needed will open. If I can just get this experiment down, I think I'll be able to handle the rest.


more details:

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