#1 sql lite for c # need sdk von Donnieclark 07.12.2017 08:43


doing a windows 8.1 project, and using or trying to use sql lite. but tried downloading the extension, need it for windows 8.1. on a project learning about windows 8.1 . got visual studio community 2015, using windows 10 64 bit pro, this is a 32 bit application. said it could not find the sql lite rf does any one know where i can download this. tried adding a reference, but trying to check the visual studio 2013 runtime and the visual c++ runtime, with jaws, is not successfull. well i could not seem to get the visual c++ run time added. any ideas. been googling this, but tried different sdks, and extensions, not liking it. yes, retargeted to windows 8.1. any ideas. any one had the same problem.


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