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On November 23rd, at the Bailu Country Garden. Egret Bay Sales Center, the finals of the ��City Collection of 100 Scholars�� contest held by the Country Garden Sales Center and the Wuhu Small Reporting Club finally kicked off today Cheap Cigarettes. At the finals, the small journalists from various schools were looking for a seat under the coordination of the staff and were already ready. The calligraphy competition is divided into a group of children and a group of teenagers. The first group is the group of children. The young reporters of the children's group, although they are not old, are all concentrating and writing a word, and have no reaction to the noisy environment around them. They all want to win this competition. Half an hour of nervousness passed. Before the young reporters of the junior group came on stage, the leaders of the Calligraphy Association selected the first, second and third prizes on the spot. Soon after the results of the selection, the staff gave them certificates and prizes. The junior group started the game. The junior group is like a cloud. Many of them have been studying for three or four years. The big ones are junior high school. The players of these juvenile groups set their pen and ink and began to create their masterpieces Carton Of Cigarettes. They wrote a painting in earnest Marlboro Cigarettes, and the horizontal, vertical, sly, and sly were written very standard. Time passed by. The juvenile group��s competition also reached its climax, a perfect closing, ending the war without smoke. A beautiful piece of work was displayed in front of us, looking at the beautiful works that were indistinguishable, the judges Some of them couldn��t bear to judge the waiting time. It��s really hard. They are nervous. Some of them are walking around the stage. On the chest. Finally, the list of winners came out, the newspaper's sister gave them a certificate, and the players who did not win the prize continued their efforts. Although I only got a third prize, I am also very happy. After all, this time I was selected. The so-called master is like a cloud! The event held by Country Garden not only makes small reporters know a lot of calligraphy, but also loves calligraphy. The big brothers and sisters also let the little journalists who love calligraphy have a chance to learn from each other. It also makes us feel the charm of the traditional Chinese culture calligraphy. This kind of activity really benefits a lot!
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