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Before there was Colin Kaepernick sitting and kneeling during the national anthem, before there was backlash -- and backlash from the backlash -- and long before talk simmered of how Major League Baseball wouldnt provide the best forum for social protest, there was Toronto Blue Jays slugger Carlos Delgado, parked in the dugout during God Bless America. China Shoes Free Shipping .Twelve years ago, Delgado quietly remained in the dugout while the song was played during the seventh inning of games as had become tradition across the league after 9/11.Delgado, speaking in an interview published by Puerto Rican newspaper El Nuevo Día over the weekend, said he knows to some degree what Kaepernick is going through and that he doesnt think the San Francisco 49ers quarterback is refusing to stand for the national anthem.It is not that he doesnt respect the anthem, Delgado said in Spanish to El Nuevo Día. I am almost positive that that is not the case. Just as I, in my era, it wasnt that I didnt respect God Bless America or what it represented for the United States. But yes, he is tying what he thinks it should represent for the African-American community in the United States, especially given all the things that have happened lately with African-American victims of beatings by white police.Delgado, whose protest was directed at the U.S. participation in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, had also said he meant no disrespect to the institutions Americans attach to such songs as God Bless America and The Star Spangled Banner.It was something very personal at that moment, Delgado said of his decision to protest. Obviously I spoke with several people, but more than anything about how it went, how I felt about people booing me. I would say that when you do [something like this], you do it because you feel it is the right thing to do. Not necessarily because you expect a specific result or because you expect some kind of metrics or intention before doing it.Delgado was a two-time All-Star during a 17-year career as a first baseman and designated hitter for the Blue Jays,?Florida Marlins and New York Mets, before his retirement after the 2009 season.I dont think it is any secret that in the United States there is a problem with racism, Delgado said. Obviously, he has to know that he has a legion of followers and a legion of people who will hate him until his death. That is what democracy is about. You have the liberty to express how you feel and another has the liberty to say what they think about it.At this moment, he decided to take a knee during the anthem and he will have supporters and detractors. I think the important thing is for him to be consistent with his principles and his message. It is not normal that here we are in 2016 and we still have segregation, marginalization and the abuse that we have against minorities, religious communities and African-American communities.Delgado said he wasnt suggesting everyone should protest.But I think it is important that athletes, who have this platform, where they can reach millions of people, they should use it, Delgado said. If your principles indicate that you want to do something or must do it, you should act, whether you act alone or with others. Yes, I received support from some of my fellow athletes. And even those who didnt join me, they never made me feel left out. They never elbowed me out. But I heard from others who wanted to rip my head off, saying: Go back to Puerto Rico. But I knew that would be part of the process. When you take this decision you know that there will be people who support you and those who will hate you. The most important thing is to stay true to your values and your principles.Delgado told Editor and Publisher at the time that however political his protest seemed, thats not what it was about because I hate politics.?I say God bless America, Delgado said then. God bless Miami, God bless Puerto Rico and all countries until there is peace in the world. China Shoes Nike . On Tuesday, Ottawa placed forward Cory Conacher and defenceman Joe Corvo on waivers as trade rumours swirl around the Senators. Cheap Shoes From China . Boucher previously coached the Tampa Bay Lightning and had a 97-78-20 record over two-plus seasons. He was dismissed by the team last March after the Lightning struggled in the lockout-shortened season with a 13-18-1 record. https://www.chinashoesshop.com/ . MORITZ, Switzerland -- Fog prevented downhill racers from getting their Olympic dress rehearsal. Lavar Ball was asked just about every question imaginable.Was his oldest son,?Lonzo, quick enough? Should he change his shooting motion? Should Lavar send his sons to a different high school? Was the competition stiff enough? Were his younger sons,?LiAngelo?and?LaMelo,?good enough or just a product of their high schools system?Through it all, Lavar would tell anyone who would listen that his sons were going to change the game. They were going to do it their way.And he might be right.Balls oldest son, Lonzo, ranks second nationally in assists per game and starts at point guard for the No. 2-ranked UCLA Bruins. Balls middle son, LiAngelo, is committed to UCLA for next season and scored 72 points in one game last month. Balls youngest son, LaMelo, is committed to UCLA in the class of 2019.Lavar could be bragging right now.But he isnt surprised at all. He saw this coming.Weve got a plan, and everythings going accordingly, he said. They were born to go pro. I told them, Somebody has to be better than Michael Jordan. Why not you?Four. Thats the number of possessions David Grace watched before offering then-freshman Lonzo Ball a scholarship.Grace, then an assistant coach at Oregon State, went to see a Chino Hills High School (California) practice while on a recruiting trip to Southern California.They went up the court about four times, then stopped, Grace recalled. I walked over to his head coach and said [Lonzo] has a scholarship offer from Oregon State. I knew he was that good.As Grace was leaving, he turned to Etop Udo-Ema, who founded the Compton Magic AAU program and gave Grace the tip about Ball and said, Theres no way that kid is ever going to play at Oregon State. Im going to have to move if I want to coach him.A few months later, UCLA fired Ben Howland and hired Steve Alford, who made Grace one of his assistant coaches.There were other schools involved, including USC, but UCLA was seemingly the team to beat for Ball. He had been attending camps at UCLA for several years and always had an affinity for the Bruins.?UCLAs staff made him one of their top underclassman targets, and it took less than a year for Alford and Grace to close the deal.Ball committed to UCLA midway through his sophomore year of high school, the same season UCLA went to the Sweet 16 in Alfords first season.UCLA was running, playing fast. Fit me perfectly, Ball told ESPN earlier this week.?There were two more Ball brothers, though, and neither had the hype Lonzo did.LiAngelo -- often referred to as Gelo -- was a good scorer, but what position would he play at the next level? LaMelo -- Melo for short -- was essentially a 5-foot-8 shooting guard (he has since sprouted to 6-foot-3). Both played in a Chino Hills system that allowed them to take 20 shots per game and leak out for easy baskets, abandoning some responsibilities on the defensive end.Given that Lavar kept the three brothers at the same high school and on the same AAU team -- and UCLAs coaching staff believed they were worthy of scholarship offers -- it became apparent fairly quickly that LiAngelo and LaMelo would follow Lonzo if they could.Our family is very close, Lonzo said. Its a good thing we have over here, so we all made the same decision.LiAngelo pledged to UCLA in April 2015, and LaMelo completed the hat trick in August 2015.Did Lavar Ball have any clue what he was doing?That was the prevalent question on the AAU and high school circuits the past couple seasons, given the unique way he handled his three sons.Lavar didnt look to move Lonzo or any of the three brothers to one of the usual high school basketball powerhouses. They simply went to the local public school. He didnt try to hold LaMelo back and let him play with kids his own age; he threw him into the fire with Lonzo and LiAngelo so the three brothers would play together.They played a few events on the Adidas Gauntlet circuit in the summer, and Lonzo went to the Adidas Nations event, but Lavar essentially created the Big Ballers AAU program for his three sons and some other local kids. He chose to not align himself with any of the major sneaker companies.Chino Hills went 35-0 last season using a system that de-emphasized defense and aimed for as many 3-pointers and layups as possible as quickly as possible. The team averaged 97.9 points per game, taking 24.3 3-pointers per game and shooting an absurd 66 percent on 2-pointers. Lonzo averaged 27.4 points, 11.3 rebounds, 11.5 assists and 5.1 steals, LiAngelo put up 27.4 points per game, and LaMelo posted 16.4 points and 3.8 assists as a freshman. It was the most entertaining show in the country.In the handful of games they played on the Adidas circuit, they didnt dominate like at Chino Hills -- but they did beat the NY Rens, which had five-star guards?Mustapha Heron (Auburn) and Rawle Alkins (Arizona), and the Atlanta Celtics, which had five-stars Kobi Simmons (Arizona) and?Joshua Langford?(Michigan State) and ESPN 100 prospects James Banks (Texas) and Braxton Key?(Alabama).Its not one guy thats going to change the program. Ive got three of them, Lavar said. Nobody heard of the Big Ballers. Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, hand-picked teams, and yall cant beat the local team?The questions persisted: Could Lonzo play in a more structured system? Would he immediately step into the point guard spot, given the veterans UCLA had on the roster? Would his style translate?Yes. Yes. Yes.Ball is averagiing 15 points, 5. Fake China Shoes. .2 rebounds and 8.8 assists while shooting 56 percent from the field. UCLA is 10-0 -- which includes a win at Kentucky -- and No. 2 in the latest polls. Lonzo has drawn comparisons to Jason Kidd because of his passing ability.Hes one of those guys who sees things one play ahead, Alford told ESPN recently.But it isnt about the numbers, according to his father.The key to Lonzo has nothing to do with [his shooting or passing], Lavar said. Its his winning. ...?Winning is part of his game. Thats his biggest attribute. The bigger the stakes get, the better my boy plays. Basketball is what it is; its entertainment. So theres no pressure.Isaac Hamilton, Bryce Alford and Aaron Holiday are all more efficient and shooting much better than they did last season. Thomas Welsh continues to blossom into an NBA draft prospect. Freshman?TJ Leaf?has been one of the best frontcourt players in the country.Its paying off, Grace said. Who wouldnt want to play with Lonzo Ball?Lonzo can adapt and play with anybody, Lavar said. Put all the stars together, Zo comes out as the guy that knows how everybodys game is. Somebody has to be the alpha of the alphas.Point guard has nothing to do with stats, he continued. Magic [Johnson] couldve led the league in scoring. He wins, and thats what my boys have been predicated on. Lonzo is gobbling up as many Ws as possible. You put a better team around him, each level is going to get easier.?The pressure will change a little now. Lonzo has now laid the groundwork for his two brothers and their time at UCLA -- and the expectations are higher.LiAngelos and LaMelos success will be the true sign of whether Lavars plan worked. Lonzos brilliance at the college level could be a harbinger of things to come, or it could simply show that Lonzo is a once-in-a-generation type of player who would find a way to excel regardless of situation.As usual, Lavar isnt concerned.Lonzo sets the bar for my other two, he said. You are going to create a monster. Melo is 6-[foot]-3 now. Hes not 5-[foot]-8 anymore. Gelo is 6-[foot]-6, 240. Lonzo won one state championship. Gelo has to win two. Melo can win four.LiAngelo made headlines when he scored 72 points in a game against Rancho Christian last month, but that was on the heels of a 56-point outing -- and he has had three other games of 25-plus. He has moved into the go-to-guy role on the offensive end without Lonzo. With his recent scoring exploits, he knows more attention is coming his way.I just gotta know how to deal with it, LiAngelo told ESPN. I know what people expect from me. People cant guard me because of how solid I am. My attitude came from maturity. I dont get too high on it.UCLA has the No. 2-ranked recruiting class in the country heading into the winter -- with four ESPN 100 top-50 prospects and LiAngelo, a three-star prospect. Unlike Lonzo, who was the jewel of UCLAs 2016 class, his brother is the lowest-ranked of the Bruins 2017 signees.With his size, LiAngelo is going to be difficult for opposing wings and guards to defend, but there are concerns about his quickness on the defensive end. While Lonzo can dictate tempo and has the passing ability to adapt to systems, will LiAngelo be able to play bully ball at the college level? Moreover, he has a consistent green light to shoot at the high school and AAU levels; he isnt likely to have that type of freedom once he gets to Westwood.Hes a pure scorer, Lonzo said. Gelo can score a lot of different ways. People say sometimes [that] he cant play without me. Hell be just fine. He knows what he can do on the court. I know what he can do.LaMelos ceiling isnt as easy to project. Hes only a sophomore in high school, and hes growing rapidly. A year ago at this time, he was 5-foot-8 and was mostly tasked with going for a steal immediately and then staying at half court so he could sneak out in transition for an open 3-pointer or layup. Now he has stepped in for Lonzo as the point guard for Chino Hills, and though it wasnt the easiest adjustment during the summer, LaMelo is beginning to get used to the position.Ive got the ball more, LaMelo told ESPN. Now that Im 6-[foot]-3, teams are defending me differently. Im trying to be the best scorer in the nation.LaMelo also mentioned that he beat Lonzo in one-on-one earlier this month -- but Lonzo has a different version of the story.Thats not necessarily true, Lonzo said. We have special rules when I play him because hes still small. I have to shoot all 3s. So I might have missed one.Most of the questions about Lavar Balls family came because of the uniqueness about everything surrounding his sons.?My dad has a plan for us, obviously, Lonzo said. As of now, its working. We just love playing basketball. Since day one.We did it our own way, stayed together.From the local high school to the unaffiliated AAU team to the skill sets of each of the three brothers. College basketball hasnt seen a situation such as this before.Lonzo isnt the prototypical point guard. LiAngelo isnt the prototypical college wing. LaMelo isnt the prototypical high school guard.Lavar doesnt do prototypical.[I gave] UCLA the best passer, then the best scorer, and in Melo, something theyve never seen, he said. My boys are trying to be the best players in the world ever. ' ' '

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