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Hi everyone! Pleasure to speak to you all again. I've recently gotten back in touch with Cyrus, ImarCab and Nouty over Facebook and I've also contacted Akulin-Fox. I'd like to also contact Gos and I have an e-mail address for Unterbusche. Some of you (I hope some of you are even here!) may have heard that some new information has surfaced regarding the intellectual property of Toonstruck.

Interplay is selling the above IPs. However, there is a catch, it all comes as a package. I also have no idea of the kind of cost involved in purchasing something this large. BUT! Regardless, I have an idea that may just work. We can't be the only retro game fans out there! I wonder... If we were to contact groups that would be interested in taking on other games in this list, and gather a group of people for each individual game on the list, would we have enough backing and online presence between all of us, with something like a Kickstarter program behind us all, to purchase the IPs and pool them between all of us so that everyone may make what they like with those IPs? We would have an issue of ToonStruck being available to other groups, but given the progress we already have, it would be much wiser for people to join us. Also, we would have the right to use characters and such from other games from Interplay, making cameos and future crossovers a fun and interesting concept. Apparently, the e-mail address to contact regarding more information is joe.morgan@wedbush.com and there is a PDF here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By0hZJz...V9GTU5OTFk/view

Keith Arem supposedly held the rights to the game. I assume given his resume that he actually holds the rights to some of the sound used in the game and as a business decision chose not to mention this before trying to gather fan support in case he spent lots of money on a flop.

Nouty tells me he would like to help and he and his girlfriend both hold jobs that may be of use to us in regards to PR and marketing. Whilst the intention originally was never for profit, it would certainly be a nice "shot in the arm" ;) to get things rolling again. All of us have things that keep us busy, I hear Unterbusche wants to return but is too busy, as I'm sure we all will be sometimes. If we could be paid for our work, it'd be a nice incentive, however, I for one would like to return to the project regardless of whether we can acquire the IP or not.

It would be awesome to hear from some of you, I get the feeling some of us may have just been waiting for some activity before getting involved again. Well I'm done waiting and I'd like to get things moving.

LET'S SHOW 'EM SPARKY!|addpics|bsv-1-d9ec.png-invaddpicsinvv|/addpics|

#2 RE: We're back!!! von unterbuchse 13.11.2016 01:18


its great to hear that some of the old crew members still have contact and want to keep this thing alive.
Regarding the idea of buying the rights on Toonstruck / the whole package: Without the intention of being to pessimistic: forget about it. First of, the price for IP rights is just way out of question cause we have to keep in mind that this project is not handled by a developer with lots of ressources and, in addition, the aquisition of rights for a single person is just non-sense or to give these rights to a group of people would be a juristical disaster.
Second, the IP rights do not mean that you have access to or are allowed to use the given content of Toonstruck 1. It just means that you have the intellectual property rights, so the rights for an idea like the world in toonstruck itself and its characters. The graphics etc are a whole other story.

On to the organisation: I am frequently visiting the forum and still have everything related to the TS2 project stored on my hdd. My most important treasure: the story. So as i always said, Im still in on the project and as already mentioned, time is the big challenge here...

So, there were some new things, concept art etc nothing really big, which i worked on in my free time. Nothing one could call "progress" but its something.
Anyway, I am still alive and so is the project.
Thanks for the post WACME, I really appreciate it and I am somehow very emotional about the fact that all these names you mentioned, Cyrus, Nouty, Akulin Fox, Gos..., they are all part of this project and we really got to know each other back in the days.

On a side note, I just realized its my birthday today and I guess you were the first one to send a gift :). Thanks again for the post!


#3 RE: We're back!!! von Cyrus 13.11.2016 16:48

I'm back too (Akulin-Fox is also present at the forums under the name Anzipex).

I can do the storyline, puzzles, and probably some coding (I have experience with C/C++ and game engines like AGS).

Regarding the IPs, I recommend to write them an email and ask the following:

1) How much does the IP cost?
2) Does it really include the right to use any TS and TS2 assets, or only the name?

As soon as we find out this, we can define our course of action.

P. S. And by the way: Happy birthday, Unterbuchse! ;)

#4 RE: We're back!!! von bigdot 23.11.2016 11:14


Someone on the Toonstruck Facebook group pointed me this way.

I'm currently in the process of creating a case study, part of which involves doing a HD refresh on three scenes from Toonstruck. The first scene I posted on Facebook:


This relatively straightforward process involved completely redrawing the Footman and the edges of the background to make it 16:9 rather than 4:3. I then converted the background from raster (pixels) to vector (numbers) to remove pixelation although this does also remove some of the details. I'm going to be experimenting with completely redrawing the background in the next one, which will be much more time consuming but will make it an authentic HD remaster.

The next two seems will also be animated.

Since I seem to be a little late to the party here, I have a few questions:

1) Who are you?
2) What exactly are you trying to do?
3) Why is this forum in German?

#5 RE: We're back!!! von unterbuchse 23.11.2016 23:25


1.) We are just a group of Toonstruck fans
2.) I started the project in order to create Toonstruck 2 as a fan project.
3.) There are only some posts in german due to the fact that I am from Germany and I posted the initial posts in 2 languages. The main language of the forum is english.

Nice work on the vectorized rework. Still, in my opinion, vectorization would diminish the quality of our final product cause it just does not quite fit the Toonstruck-style.
I would really be interested in your progress when it comes to a complete redarw from scratch. If you could master the style of Toonstruck (without vectorization and including the correct coloring) that would be really awesome.

Thx for your post

#6 RE: We're back!!! von Pandaman 24.11.2016 18:08

Get the ip, or a license, and you have yourselves an animator.

Also, hello.

#7 RE: We're back!!! von bigdot 24.11.2016 20:50

I figured out how to change the language in profile settings, now.

I think (and correct me if I'm wrong) is that we would all really want is to play the content that was never included the released game.

It seems that there is some uncertainty as to who actually owns the rights to the game(s) and who has the original unreleased materials.

I've been looking at some old posts on the forum and so have an idea as to what you were/are trying to do. How far did you get with it?

I've been tinkering with a background item. As you know the Toonstruck backgrounds were hand painted.

#8 RE: We're back!!! von unterbuchse 24.11.2016 22:42


Regarding the Rights: as WACME pointed out the rights are now for sale by Interplay
Regarding unreleased content: The game was cut almost in half and only the first half was finished. There are some deleted scenes / parts from the second Toonstruck
-> we already collected many assets from various sources (some ex Toonstruck creators/ web / PR-Material/ in the Toonstruck game itself)
I have all that stuff in my development folder.
I also have the storyboard for the Toonstruck 2 Fan-game. So the story is there. We also developed tools to refactor the original game assets (music / sounds/ screens/ characters/items)
So we have the ui elements. I already worked on an engine test which included the whole look and feel (mouse behavior / dialog system / inventory).
Also did some artwork for the final cutscene (its so hilarious that i had to do it)
Theres more stuff but I am not at home right now.

-> regarding your rework on spike: well done. its a different style but its really close and good enough to start with :)

#9 RE: We're back!!! von bigdot 26.11.2016 14:03

I spoke to Keith Arem yesterday. Things are not as clear-cut as they may appear in regards to the Interplay IP. Hopefully, some positive news will follow once the IP is acquired / consolidated.

Good luck with your project :)

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