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Chongqing is truly a magical city. With its unique charm, it attracts thousands of people, and thousands of people include me. The most beautiful place in Chongqing is derived from the geographical structure of the mountains and rivers. The two rivers merge to form a delta. On this small land, there are towering towers, such as spring bamboo shoots standing on the waters of the Pentium. . The road in Chongqing is also very beautiful. Due to the pattern built on the mountain, the roads in Chongqing are twisted and euphemistic, sometimes uphill and sometimes downhill, as if the white dragons walking one after another in the upper reaches will form a C shape. It will be bent into an S shape for a while Buy Newport Cigarettes Wholesale, which is very strange. In Chongqing, the most interesting means of transportation is to take the light rail. Those trains between the high-rise buildings and the rushing rivers have witnessed the prosperity and beauty of Chongqing. Every place that passes through is a beautiful place, as if walking around the gallery. In the middle, people are lingering and fascinating. The most beautiful moment in Chongqing is still in the evening. When the night is coming, all the lights are lit up, the most beautiful moment in Chongqing has slowly surfaced. In order to witness this beautiful moment, I deliberately ran. I went to the Nan'an District of Chongqing. When I was at 5 or 6 o'clock, I sat on the riverside and waited quietly for the coming of the night. Gradually, the sun sank, and the tall buildings near Jiefangbei lit up. The little lights, the tall buildings. The shape of the outline is drawn a little bit, and the colorful neon lights bring vitality and beauty to the city Newport Online Cigarettes, as if it is the blood flowing in the city, with vigorous and vigorous vitality, with the vitality of the invincible, with charming charm. If you can drive the night, if you can ride an electric car or a motorcycle and walk in these cities that are illuminated by lights, I think how happy I am, as if I am walking in the painting, swimming in happiness, swimming in In the dream. If you want to maximize the night view of Chongqing, the most beautiful way is to take a sightseeing tour boat Cheap Newports Online Free Shipping, sit in the boat, slowly sway in the river Cigarette Cartons Wholesale, look up at the tall buildings on both sides of the bank, and silence in this bustling and moving gentle town, forget Worry, forget the sorrow Newport 100'S Cigarettes, forget the sentimentality, enjoy the moment at this moment, and then let go of everything, really accompanying the boat, and come to a thorough escape. In addition, you can also choose to take the cable car, stand in the small lattice flying in the sky, from the end of the river, fly to the end of the river, see the beauty of Chongqing, experience the joy of a bird Feel free to feel the wind, feel the dream, feel the fullness of prosperity. Chongqing is the Eden Garden in my heart forever. It is the city of the sky floating on the river. It is my ideal flower world. I really want to be a child in your arms. For this reason, I know where to go.

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