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Hello and welcome to The Toonstruck 2 Community.

At first I want to declare some general guidelines.

Toonstruck was originally programmed in english language.
The publishers did also translated it into many other languages, for example german.
So there are in fact many different languages we could talk about the game.
To cut a long story short:
If we want to keep this forum open for everyone we should focus on a main language.
So from now on, every post should be written in english!
(if you have some problems with unknown words, this link will help:(German-English/English-German only) http://www.dict.cc/

Furthermore, every user should try to make sure that language barriers can be solved as quickly as possible.
So the next guideline: Users are responsible for their posts and if possible, they should precise their post if other users couldn't understand it

If there are any Problems just post it in here


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